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 after fielding supercharged entries for many years, scott and michelle Hohensee thought that it was time to step it up a bit,and go after a longtime dream of building a nostalgia flopper.
the groundwork for this project wasn't that far off as scott's current chassis that was purchased in 2005 from JD2 chassis in salem ohio was purpose built to 10-1d fuel funny car specs by longtime friends John and Jeff decort, scott made the brothers place the motor 59" out just like they did in the old days, "they said it would be a handfull but that's what i wanted"
next order of buisness was to order a body, a call was placed to friend Army Armstrong and 3 weeks later they had a new classic funny car body laying on the shop floor, several weeks were spent mating the body to the chassis, forming the tinwork and tree, relocating fire bottles, mounting parachutes, and on and on.
over the rest of the winter months the body was block sanded to perfection and delivered to master painter tony saiia for a period correct paint job, the airbrushed grill and other artwork was done by scott himself at his  Visionary graphics studio.
while all of this was going on a new match race group was being formed by friends Micky Hale of supercharged warrior fame and Dennis Salzwimmer a longtime funnycar driver and promoter, scott and several other longtime match racers were contracted over the winter months and asked to be founding members of the newly formed great lakes nostalgia funny car curcuit
and in 2008 the the newly formed group of veteran match racers hit the ground running with a dozen booked in races, and with the way bookings are coming in, 2009 will easily surpass that number.
with their unique character and brutal primitive horspower, the old funny cars are favorits among track owners and fans alike. they leave
on a pro tree heads up with the first accross the stripe the winner.
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