Scott & Michelle 
                               "Visionary"  1972 Barracuda Nostalgia Funny Car                                
Our Past

The Hohensee family has a rich history of over 20 years racing together, we have always raced as a family, even when money was tight we always managed to pull it off. if we couldn't buy it we made it. we've had our shares of ups and downs. we've won some lost some, i've been upside down, on fire, off the end of a couple tracks, and even stranded on the side of the thruway. but through it all we've met a lot of interesting, talented people and have made many close friends.

Scott entered his first drag race at 17.  while driving home from school one day i heard a radio ad advertising amature races at our local track, the guy on the radio said come on down and we'll walk you through it and show you how it's done. and the rest is history! 

we 'd like to share some photos that we've taken over the years. there will be more coming as soon as i get a new scanner!
thanks for following along.
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